Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thrifting Saturday

Thrifting Saturday may have to become a weekly event, because I had the best time with Skye and Myles today at the thrift store. Or I should say, the biggest most crazy thrift store with the best stuff hidden in it. We have a Goodwill, vintage stores, and a handful of random resale shops, but this generic thrift store is the best.

I went in with a plan and as soon as we hit the store, I said "I don't even know where to start." So we hovered together picking up dresses for each other and holding stuff up. Skye picked out this silky floral tunic that would never have made it to my closet without her, and I'm psyched to wear it. Also got some basics like a white button-down from New York & Co. ($3), a denim American Eagle skirt ($3), a couple tunics since they're my current obsession, and an awesome black doctor bag in great condition. Oh, and the most perfect little black dress that fits like a glove that was too small for Skye. Score!

Here are my finds, for a total of $39.
NY&Co shirt, AE skirt, unlabeled black dress, unlabeled floral tunic, cream striped button-down tunic with ruffles, and an unlabeled black and grey military style tunic that matches my hubby's (it was too big so i found my own!)

I'll style them later for y'all since it's raining outside and my 10-year-old loves taking photos.