Monday, May 19, 2014

Fuck yeah, Parenting!

I'm always too afraid to write personal things here for fear of being judged, but everyone judges all the time and if you can't accept it, you aren't living right. Right? So fuck it.

Today I'm wondering why having kids ever sounded like a good idea. Being a mom is so fucking overrated. You feed them, wipe their asses, try to teach them manners, all while they ignore you and treat you like shit. As i write this, my two very loved little jerks are jumping on my bed at 11 pm while dad's out of town for work.

I totally believe children are clones of their parents so they won't eat them like rejected puppies. I have zero patience.

After 5 years at home with these delightful midget monsters, i understand why moms work. Being two months into my new job, i actually want to work. In journalism it felt like my alternative nature needed to be smothered, but my weirdness is embraced now. It's refreshing.

Tonight they ripped up a Dr Seuss book from my childhood and i cried. Stella throws herself on the floor in dramatic tantrums while Cole whines my ears off. I need an off button or some actual wine to go with that whine.

Omg i can't hear myself think.. the oldest one wants chocolate (please pleasy pleasy) and the girl has disappeared into the living room to blast cartoons.

Fuck yeah, parenting.

P.S. love & logic can suck my d*ck.