Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas t-shirts

We finally got our Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas shirts made! It's only something I've wanted to do since we started the group in 2011. Two years later.... Pre-orders are being taken and they should be ready in less than three weeks.
They're only $20 and you're representing some of the coolest mommas on the block, so go get yours here. And thanks for supporting Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas!

Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas 2014-15 Calendar Sneak Peeks

Look for the calendar details on our Facebook page. It's going to be available for purchase at Atomic Candy, Vader Vapes, Wycked Vapor and many other places to be announced. We're also selling ad space this year and it's going fast!

Calendar Sneak Peek: Me!

We've been working on the 2014-15 Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas calendar and all of the photos are finally turned into me. SO.EXCITING. I know it's kind of wrong to start with myself, but I wasn't going to pose this year and one of the models backed out the morning of shooting, and we had booked this sweet little vintage candy shop. How could I let the opportunity go to waste? Besides, you're only going to see one of them in the calendar.

All photos were taken by Courts Griner Photography out of Texas. Some are just outtakes.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A million directions

Gosh, it's been a hectic few months. After moving into the new house it was overwhelming, so we found a nanny after long weeks of interviews and she moved into the boy's room. After all, the brother sister team is inseparable..even at bedtime. Immediately after she moved in I lost my main source of freelance income. Ugh. Jumping a week, we decided it wasn't the right fit and Kate moved in. Soon after my old boss called and offered me a job reporting for a nearby community paper and jumped on it. Work at home, go to the office Wednesdays and make myself known in the city.
A month into it, I'm in love with the city and the people who live there. It's exciting to be productive outside the house again.
Cole started speech classes twice a week and befriended the crying boy by the second week. His mom hugged me after he high fived me and said "Look, I not crying!" My heart soared at my son's goodness. Such a sweet silly soul.

I've also been busy with the Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas 2014-15 calendar. We hired an amazing photographer Courts Griner and the pictures turned out brilliantly. I'm excited for what's to come with THPM.. but that's another blog post.  ;)