Tuesday, January 31, 2012

addiction to boots

addiction to boots

Maison Martin Margiela long boots
$387 -

Belstaff buckle boots
$575 -

Aquatalia suede boots
$495 -

Miss Sixty leather boots
$190 -

Opening Ceremony suede boots
£334 -

Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots
$280 -

2 Lips Too black booties
$90 -

Bourne suede bootie

Monday, January 30, 2012

if you're me.. dress to destress

if you're me.. dress to destress

Chloé knit sweater
€712 -

Lamberto Losani knit shirt
£550 -

All Saints oversized shirt
$135 -

Jigsaw cotton turtleneck sweater
£89 -

Mango knit cardigan
£23 -

Dolce&Gabbana cuffed jeans
$275 -

Chanel leather handbag
€2.313 -

Rebecca Minkoff black handbag
$295 -

Yves saint laurent sunglasses
$325 -

Tizo Vintage Wood Frame, 5" x 7"
$24 -

Welikefashion.Com Tee Destress
€40 -


The majority of my days as a SAHM are spent cleaning up, picking up, moving things around, and cleaning up some more. Luckily my son has learned how to clean up his own spills and runs for a towel before Stella can climb into the liquidy mess. Unfortunately, he has this game where he hides with his cup or Stella's bottle and pours it out. Usually all over my nice rug.

We've had baby powder explosions, crayon on the doors, marker on the floors, paint on the kitchen chairs. All of which I handle quite in stride, I might add, because I AM, after all, the mother of a 1 and 3 year old. Magic Erasers are a gift to moms everywhere and the Dustbuster is one interesting gadget to a 3-year-old, often enticing enough to make him clean up his own messes.

This morning, however, we decided to play upstairs, where all the bedrooms are. While I was hanging laundry in my bedroom, across the upstairs I could hear the kids playing in Cole's room and then go to Stella's room, which came across my bedroom monitor. When Cole giggled and ran to the bathroom, it was obvious something was up. He had taken Stella's Advil down from her dresser, poured it all over her floor, blanket, bed, and my antique couch, a gift from my late Aunt Diane. I had to send him out of the room so I could cry.

Some days I'm a real crybaby.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is not just a fashion blog...

Wow, my blog has turned into a fashion blog without realizing it. Ha.

Seriously, though, some days I don't get dressed. Like right now, it's 1:00 p.m., my kids are at grandma's and there's no plan on what to wear yet, though I'll probably pick one soon. It's always hard to take off my comfy plush white robe to put on real clothes.


Clothes have always been a part of my life, and my wonderful closet is the one thing I've maintained over 7 years of marriage and two children later. My lovely mister is addicted to electronics, so they took over my house. Before him, I had no TV, no internet, no computer and lived a very simple hippie life. One of my favorite things to do was lay on the floor of my loft/apartment/wherever I was living at the time and listen to music pouring out of the speakers. Then we bought the big house and everything became shared, and alas, my record player has been banned to the garage along with my vinyl because that vinyl isn't drum and bass, therefore not electronic. Ha.

I suppose one thing I should thank him for is the Internet, because without it I would have become lost in the fashion world and turned into one of those sweatsuit-wearing soccer moms. So, thanks, honey. ;)

Friday, January 27, 2012

chictopia inspiration

chictopia inspiration

Valentino rose print dress
€1.631 -

Round collar shirt
$132 -

Gold Hawk cashmere top
£194 -

CYCLE shirts blouse
£149 -

Ruffle top
$30 -

H M t shirt
£9.99 -

Valentino lightweight jacket
$593 -

Cropped capri pants
$40 -

Crew socks
$45 -

H&M slim leg jeans
£30 -

Urban Outfitters thigh high hosiery
$14 -

Madewell cotton hosiery
$12 -

Trasparenze sheer hosiery
€5,69 -

Gucci peep toe wedge heels
£195 -

Wood shoes
£85 -

Bootie heels
$24 -

Like a Teacher

what I wore today... please excuse the messy hair, red eye and tiny hand prints on my jeans. it was the end of the day and my girl had climbed me too many times.




My husband told me I looked nice when he came home, so he must have approved. (I'm never dressed when he leaves.) White shirt and green cardigan set from Old Navy, jeans from Target by Mossimo, boots by Nine West.

(I always splurge on boots. The other day Kev told Stella, "I hope you don't like boots as much as your mommy because she likes boots so much she needs an entire closet for just boots. She wears boots until her feet hurt and then she wears them some more." haha)

Let's hope photobucket changes my photos soon so you don't have to turn your head to view them, ;)