Thursday, January 5, 2012

We'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain..

I guess it's time for an update! :)

C's speech has become more clear, and though he will probably still need speech therapy, I am able to understand 90% of what he says now. This is huge, since I was literally repeating "I can't understand you" and "What are you saying?" all day long, for most sentences. We relied a lot on hand gestures and pointing. His confidence level is raising and our bond is becoming closer as we are able to communicate better. His surgery was Nov. 4, so he's come a long way in that time. I am beyond thrilled and love my boy so much for trying so hard even through his frustration.

Star Girl turned 1 right before Christmas and it seems like she is growing so fast right before my eyes. She is walking across the room, talking up a storm, and is the happiest baby I know. She is the light of my life that gets me through the days.

The Boy is 3 and no one ever said how terrible is was. On a recent shopping trip with my mother-in-law for holiday outfits for the kids, he was running around the department store and had to be retrieved countless times because the boy just has so much energy. The elderly lady behind the counter must have noticed my humiliation because she turned to me and said, "He's 3, right?" and proceeded to tell me about a book she was given called "Terrible Twos, Horror Threes" when she was raising her three boys. I'd give anything to have that book some days.

As for Pirate Momma, I'm back on my meds and feeling pretty good. My patience level has increased significantly and I'm able to actually enjoy my kids, which is a damn good feeling.


  1. I noticed you started following my blog. So lovely, thank you.

    My little brother had speech difficulties growing up, still some, and he was diagnosed with dysfasia. (I'm not sure if it is the same in english) I truly wish and believe that your child's speech will get even better in time, too. My brother is speaking so great now. :)

    I read somewhere, that we shouldn't correct or say NO if child says something a little wrong, just say "good" and repeat the word they said, but correctly :) Funny, but maybe it works.

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. i adore your blog. <3
    i looked up dysfasia and it's different than what my son has/hadd. his lower frenulum was too short and he wasn't able to touch his tongue to the roof of his mouth, so the skin attaching his tongue to the bottom of his mouth had to be clipped. i love your advice so much that i already use it ;)

  3. Hihi, oh really that's so nice ! Use it freely;)
    Have a great weekend:)