Thursday, January 26, 2012

Such a Follower.

If you haven't noticed, I've become quite obsessed with Polyvore to keep up with looking fashionable daily. Sometimes it's a challenge to put on nice clothes when you haven't had a shower and know you're not going anywhere that day, but it still makes me feel good to look good. Know what I mean?

I've also become quite an addict when it comes to Pinterest, having found tattoos and fashion and other really cool stuff. My friends posts stuff about rooms and furniture but until the kids are older, updating our house will have to wait and there's no WAY we're buying new furniture just so the kids can color on it.

I'm sure the obsession will die down, but if not, I'll still try to get some posts in here anyway. ;)

On the kid front -- The sibling rivalry seems to be over the bad hump and now S and C are best buddies. I can spend hours watching them play and never get bored. I pull out the video camera quite a bit. Stella walks around saying "Momma" about 80 times a day. She has a fever from her shots last week; the doc said it'd show up in a week or so since it was MMR. Still have to go back for two more shots since we stagger vaccinations. Four at a time is just too much to put in her little body. She had the pouty lip going all day... so cute and so pathetic. I fell over the dog today and hurt my foot and Cole was so sweet, saying "shhh, it's okay Mommy," and patting me. He can be the sweetest, most loving boy in the world. I adore my babies.

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