Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming Soon

My sweet mister loves taking pictures of me, so we pulled out the good Sony camera yesterday for some non-iPhone pictures. It's charged and ready to go.. all I need is the outfit to shoot.

It's hard getting dressed some days when you know you're just going to sit around be taking care of kids all day. Rarely do we get out of the house because right now it's cold in Texas, and it's never cold in Texas, so it scares me a bit. haha. You'd think I'd be less of a wuss since I grew up in Missouri, but after 9 years with awesome warm weather, the cold makes my bones shake.

Today I wore a navy sweater that used to belong to Kev until it was shrunk in the dryer (oops), long white and navy striped shirt underneath, skinny jeans and black motorcycle boots to our morning playdate. As I post this I have changed into black pajama pants that are now covered in baby food - squash, to be exact.

Highlights of our Day:
  • Stella knocked her head into the train table at Barnes & Noble, leaving a blue knot on her lower eyebrow bone. The nice Starbucks guy gave us ice and she actually sat still, so it must have hurt. That was the end of our playdate.
  • Hanging with Brit and Rach, two of my favorite tattooed mommas.
  • Buffalo chicken pizza my hubby brought home.
  • Cole peed at Barnes & Noble without freaking out about the automatic flushing toilets, hurray!
Have a lovely evening, whoever is reading this... Sweet dreams!

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