Friday, September 27, 2013

A million directions

Gosh, it's been a hectic few months. After moving into the new house it was overwhelming, so we found a nanny after long weeks of interviews and she moved into the boy's room. After all, the brother sister team is inseparable..even at bedtime. Immediately after she moved in I lost my main source of freelance income. Ugh. Jumping a week, we decided it wasn't the right fit and Kate moved in. Soon after my old boss called and offered me a job reporting for a nearby community paper and jumped on it. Work at home, go to the office Wednesdays and make myself known in the city.
A month into it, I'm in love with the city and the people who live there. It's exciting to be productive outside the house again.
Cole started speech classes twice a week and befriended the crying boy by the second week. His mom hugged me after he high fived me and said "Look, I not crying!" My heart soared at my son's goodness. Such a sweet silly soul.

I've also been busy with the Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas 2014-15 calendar. We hired an amazing photographer Courts Griner and the pictures turned out brilliantly. I'm excited for what's to come with THPM.. but that's another blog post.  ;)

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