Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Night: Dreaming of Boots

The last few Fridays and Sundays, my lovely amazing wonderful husband has taken both kids with him on the drive to pick up and drop off Big Sister. They cry if they don't get to go with her, and he can't take it, even though it pisses him off to have to drive the four-hour trip with them. I don't blame him. He said, "I never get to listen to my music. They don't like it so they bitch about it. And I can't listen to it loud. They tag-team me the whole time." (Um, story of my life, dude.) He takes them along so I can finish my writing for the week, and this week there are just a few blogs to finish in a project worth $650, so it's important that it gets done, and he knows that. Which is why he is my lovely, amazing, wonderful husband.

Today my outfit isn't worth posting - jeans, grey Victoria's Secret off-the-shoulder tunic, and grey classic Toms, mostly thrown on to keep my shirt from rubbing on the new layer of ink on my compass rose tattoo. Too bad I didn't take a picture...

I did, however, score an adorable pair of boots at Target today! Super cute and comfy, and under $40. Just what a mom and fashion lover needs.. and I really was missing a pair of tall boots, and why not cognac? <3
I hope they last longer than the reviews say they do.. I haven't taken the tags off yet so I may end up trading them. It physically pains me to pair more than $100 for boots but that's the price range where my best loved boots come in... ugh. Last year my splurge was for three pairs of black boots, all of which are going to be worn over the next few years, all from Target... a suede wedge boot, a black leather/suede riding boot, and my favorite tall flat zip-up motorcycle boots. This season it's a tall cognac boot I am dreaming of.

Anyway, back to writing about plumbing! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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