Saturday, November 24, 2012

But it's a Holiday!

Things have been very lazy around here the past few days, as my husband has been home and our routine is out the door. See, momma has a nice little way of doing things to keep both kids on track, but it all gets thrown off when daddy is home because he wants to do things like keep them awake and play with them. Gosh - the nerve.

Fair warning: This post will be full of pictures of adorable babies and family adventures. As in, LONG.

Last week we took a short trip to my hometown to have early Thanksgiving with my family. We stay with my mom at her place and visit my dad 40 minutes away.. It's always been like that, although is house is waaaaaay bigger and there's more space. Let's just say there's one reason we don't stay there while the kids are little... and it looks like this:

Beautiful, isn't it? My dad is one hell of a handyman. The stairs, though, are 8 feet wide at the bottom, which no baby gate in the world will fit. And this mom just can't handle the thought of either child bouncing down that flight of stairs. Waaahh! Interesting fact: my ex-fiance helped my dad work on this house. It's an old Victorian church built in 1900 that my dad bought, gutted, and turned into a gorgeous work of art.

The kids were so excited to see my mom (Nana) that when we arrived at 12:30 am, they were up until almost 6 with happy little energy bugs running through their veins. I passed out while Kevin took care of them, and took a 5-hour nap the next day, poor dad.

Nana was so happy with all her babies there.

Nana's boys Ethan and Cole

my niece Lily and nephew Ethan

time to play outside!

Stella and Cole



my sister Rachel, my grandma Corrine, my grandma Mary, and kids Ethan, Cole, Lily, Sean and Stella

On the way back to Texas we decided to make a stop over at the Blue Whale on Route 66 near Tulsa in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Just a few minutes off the highway, it was a cute roadside attraction. Stella was scared to walk on the dock of the whale and Cole loved the picnic tables shaped like fish. A few pics of our adventures:

 And that's it for now! :) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families.

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