Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obsession: Boots

When my daughter was born, my husband told her, "I hope you don't have your mommy's obsession with boots." But guess what? She loves her first pair.

Here are some photos of my boot collection:
slouch, wedge, and riding boots

can you tell Stella dusted these with baby powder? on suede... yeah.

newest pair of riding boots by Nicole/DSW

heeled Mandolinos and vintage cowboy boots, dusted by Stella

slouch boots from Delia*s

this is what my closet looks like.. on the right are my vintage dresses hanging lowww. )

These are my boots......
  • Dark brown flat suede slouch boots by Hot Kiss with a buckle came from a comfortable shoe shopping trip after having kids. Most of my shoes prior to motherhood were heels, heels, and more heels, so a shoe wardrobe change was necessary.
  • Light beige suede tall slouch boots by Delia's were actually pre-marriage. They're hard to get my foot into and incredibly flat and not that comfortable, but I love them so much I can't bare to get rid of them.
  • Heeled dark brown beautiful Mandolinos that I can't wear anymore since having kids. The 3-1/2 inch heels kill me. Shame, because they fit perfectly over my calves and look fantastic with everything.
  • Black slouch boots, flat with a buckle by Soda were a gift from my stepmom after she cleaned out her guest bedroom to find a bunch of Christmas gifts that had been forgotten. I wore them once last winter.
  • Vintage cognac cowboy boots are my absolute most cherished shoe, although I can't wear them anymore. The Zodiacs have too high of a heel and are just not comfortable to walk in.
  • Black zip-up tall, flat motorcycle boots by Mossimo were another awesome buy from Target. I wear them practically every day with everything.... even through the summer with jeans. (People told me I was crazy, aka stupid.)
  • Black leather/suede riding boots were a score from Payless. The brand is Dexter and they have padded, flexible insoles, which I already have to buy, so it's nice they're built in. Now if only I could wear the leather in so they aren't so stiff...
  • Black suede wedge boots from Payless are so cute, and they're really comfortable, but require high socks or they rub on my upper calves and itch all day. They're kind of my 'fancy' boots that I bought for working in an office... so much for that. At least my feet are done growing! :)
  • Brown moto booties with a buckle were an impromptu gift from my hubby during a trip through Forever 21 on a very rare mall shopping trip. I love them because they give an edge to skinny jeans.
  • And don't forget my newest pair by Nicole... riding boots, slight heels, with a vintage look. They're a little stiff but I imagine will be awesome once they're worn in.

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