Sunday, November 11, 2012

Momma Moments

Watching your babies shout hello to the ducks at their favorite spot, the "duck pond."

Wishing you had a camera in your pajamas to snap the adorable photo of your son snuggling with Daddy in his red race car bed.

Taking your son to preschool phonology class and hearing from his teachers that he always listens so well and tries very hard every day.

Hearing the stranger behind us in the voting line compliment us on our children waiting patiently in an hour-long queue of Republicans.

Having your son set up his blankets and pillow next to his sister's new big girl bed, then telling Daddy that Mommy did it so he could sleep next to his sister to make sure she was safe.

Feeling the crunch of cheerios underneath your feet and seeing the toys spread across the living room floor can wait until later while you snuggle on your couch between two cuddly blonde tornadoes to watch "Peppa Pig."

Having your daughter bring you a flower hair pin, telling you to put it in your "heer" (she sounds oddly English at times), then saying, "Aw. That's beautiful hair."

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