Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pin-up Shoot, Day 2

Tonight was our second night shooting the THPM pin-up calendar and I was pushed into the spotlight as the last model since we had enough time. I just finished wiping the makeup off my face and it must have taken eight layers of eye makeup remover to get that damn stuff off. No wonder models look so perfect. Anyone would look perfect with that much makeup!

Seriously, our photographer Stewart was so amazing with the camera all he had to do was point and shoot. The man has skills to get anyone's personality out of them, even if he has to razz them a little to do it. He's a funny guy and great to work with.

Here are some sneak peeks from tonight's shoot.
Bekah and Sam getting their hurr did by Dominique and Lindsay

Barri posing for Bekah

Bekah ready to shoot
Barri getting Sam ready

Barri helping Samantha



who's that? i know, it's me. wow.

yes, that is me. I didn't believe it either.

I needed a bio picture so the girls had me shoot in this dress. I wanted to take it home; it fit like a glove!

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