Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calendar Girls, final version.

We've pinned down a date, photographer and stylist for the Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas calendar! So very exciting. My friend and fellow momma Erin is helping produce the shoot, as she had the contacts. And contacts they are! Stewart Cohen has some amazing work, and Barri Martin has dressed the band Blue October and many other famous names.

The calendar will feature a pin-up type look that shows off each girl's personality. We have three pregnant tattooed mommas, some heavily tattooed mommas with modeling experience, and a few adorable hippie mommas without tattoos. Each girl is beautiful and Stewart will capture their personalities in each photo, which will surely produce breathtaking photography.

I'm very happy with the turnout and the excitement for the project. Did I mention everyone is volunteering their time? Proceeds from the calendar will benefit a battered women's shelter yet to be named. So, here is the final lineup of girls!

Kendra from Dallas

Cassie from Austin

Leisha from Dallas

Suza from Dallas

Ruby Soho from Dallas

Dawn from Dallas


Bekah from DC

Skye from Dallas

Stephanie from Denton

Brook from Denton

Amanda from Dallas

Laci from Dallas

Azure from Dallas

Kate from Arlington

Samantha from Denton

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