Friday, August 31, 2012

Ink on the Brain

Tonight my hubby is getting his pirate ship piece finished by our good friend Derrick. He brought along his girlfriend Whitney, who is the most adorable tatted, pierced hairstylist. We are watching Project Runway while they tattoo in the very freshly, thoroughly sanitized kitchen area.

He is working on this:

This is his second session and i haven't gotten anything. It's hard to keep from getting tattooed when your friend makes house calls!

Anyway, these are the ideas I have for my future ink..
pirate lantern for the back of my left arm to make a 3/4 sleeve starting from my upper shoulder/back. Vintage compass on top of shoulder will have a chain to wrap down around the anchor on my back to tie into my pirate girl piece... add pirate lantern to blend.
i want a shiny little silver pistol and a different style ribbon. right thigh
i'd love a version of this that is smaller... i already have ink on both shoulders and these keys stretch too far up. they're also too big compared to the lock.
love the ribbons and this look for a chest piece. don't like the look of the lock so much or the ends of the keys.

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