Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair, There & Everywhere

This momma got a new freelance job so I've been trying to balance bringing in some bucks with designing and writing copy for the new Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas website. I'm waiting on the photos from Stewart so I can start putting together the calendar. It's a lot of creative projects at once and I love it. My husband has been working extra hard on it and I'm so appreciative.

Been feeling bored with my hair.. straight and mid-length for so long - so I took a little trip to Sally's and ended up spending my first few days of freelance pay on hair supplies. A crimper, new rollers, a curling iron, feather extensions, the works. Even bought a little tube of red lipstick, wow!

Here's my hair with feathers in and crimped. No makeup; it was late.
My friends made comments like, "Get in the delorean we're picking up teen wolf and going back to the future!" and "Don't forget to roll your z cavariccis...." Haha, but I love it. It makes my hair thicker and alternating strips of crimped and straight hair is retro chic. I'm totally bringing it back. (Besides, my stylist's assistant had her hair crimped during the THPM calendar shoot and it was adorable.)

This is a style I'm loving too, especially for running out with dirty hair.

Onto other parenting things... My friend and fellow momma/calendar model Samantha is featuring some parenting stories on her blog starting this week, so head on over and check them out. Who knows? Yours truly might even have something to say. ;)

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