Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chat it Up is up and you can go check out the forum to chat away with fellow mommas. The site isn't live yet, so you have to go here to check out the forum. When you get there, sign up with a username and password, add your picture and profile details.. and most of all, don't forget to come back! :)

I'm waiting on the photographer to get the high-resolution photos for the calendar so I can start putting it together. Kev will edit pics if needed and lay it out in the order I tell him to because I'm a boss like that.

This is the way I'm thinking it will go after checking out the wardrobe colors and outfits to go with seasons.

2013 Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas calendar
JANUARY: Hep-Kat – New Year fire-spinner, green outfit. *Get high-res copy of typewriter shot, fire shot for her.
FEBRUARY: Skye – all-red sequins
MARCH: Stephanie – derby girl, white bustier with pink bottoms and skates
APRIL: Kendra – spring lady, dressed in yellow vintage
MAY: Azure – maid's outfit
JUNE: Bekah – peach ostrich feathers and pearls
JULY: Stacy – Independence Day, red/black boustier, black shorts
AUGUST: Dawn – cake baker outfit (no ass shots)
SEPTEMBER: Sanja – cowgirl outfit
OCTOBER: Kate, the Rosie the Riveter pose in black, white, red bandana
NOVEMBER: Brook, the wine girl in black dress, leopard bra and wine glass. *Use wine spilling photo. Get her a copy.
DECEMBER: Samantha – wrapped in a boa
Leisha, the goth girl in all black (*haven't seen her photos so not sure where she'll fit in)
Lacy, the black rose (*disappeared from Facebook and is hard to contact, so hmm..)
Jenny, have photos from Missouri
Ashley, have photos from Ohio
Girls who posed in two outfits:
Dawn – baker and record girl
Hep-Kat – typewriter and fire-spinner
Stacy – vintage smoker and red bombshell
Group shots:
Dawn and Skye in red
Tuesday girls as a group
Funny out-takes

It's going to be really hard to narrow it down to just 12 girls, so I may end up doing a bonus sheet at the end of the calendar with extra girls, or I may decide to stretch the shots into a 2-year calendar for 2013-14. I mean, these girls are fab. Take another look.

Keep reading for more updates on the 2013 THPM calendar and the website! :) Thanks for all the support!

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