Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Things That Piss Me Off

  1. I hate, hate, hate Idillionaire. I mean, who is this person who quotes everyone else and makes people think they're a fucking genius? Do you know what you find if you Google Idillionaire? A million quotes by other people. "Prolific writer and Internet tycoon," her Twitter account says. Plagiarizing much, Idili? I don't care how much you want to send positivity into other people's lives.. I'm tired of seeing your damn quotes on my friends' Facebook feeds.
  2.  What's up with my tattooed friends becoming web cam models? All of a sudden they disappear from everywhere and naked pictures pop up on my husband's favorite armpit-of-the-Internet site? What in the world would make you desperate enough to be a web cam girl as a mother? Don't you think your children will see these pictures later on?
  3. Don't ever tell me that you dislike another one of my friends, or that you'd rather not be at a meetup with her or you'd rather lock her in a closet than be around her. That straight up makes you sound like a jealous, catty, immature bitch, and that kind of person is a total turnoff.
  4. Religious arguments. You believe what you want to, she'll believe what she wants to, and I'll believe what I want to... but I'm not going to say it out loud or make it a topic of conversation because it starts arguments and comments get thrown around that hurt people's feelings. I firmly believe politics and religion should never be discussed amongst friends.

Okay, I could only think of four things that piss me off this week. At least that I'm passionate about talking about.

..............Tonight I almost blew up my kitchen. I could have killed or seriously injured my children because of a stupid mistake. Since I had a lot of writing to do, I went to the kitchen to turn on the tea pot to make some coffee in the French press. The tea pot is always on the small back burner, but this time it was on the front, and I turned on the wrong burner.
That normally wouldn't be a problem, but tonight there happened to be a glass casserole dish on that back burner, which made the glass dish explode all over the kitchen. I am so thankful my kids weren't playing nearby. I was writing upstairs when Cole came running to tell me something happened in the kitchen, but I didn't understand him until Kevin came in and explained.
Talk about crying like a baby... I cried so much I had to get it under control because Cole gets uncomfortable when I cry. I am thanking my lucky stars tonight.

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