Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For Emma, the best dog ever

I am beyond sad to write this but it was inevitable in its coming. We have to put Emma dog down this weekend. :(

Emma is our Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix that we have had for about 7 years. She was one of our first pets after Kev and I got married. We were going to have dogs instead of children; instead we ended up with two of both. She has been with our kids since the day they were born and loves all of our friends. She has been the best dog I ever could have had in my life.

Unfortunately, she got sick a few months ago and her weakened immune system caused genetic mange to show up for the first time in her life with us. After two months of intense treatment, she has continued to get worse. The hair is missing from her legs, belly, most of her face, neck, top of her head, and half of her tail. She has welts on her body from the mites that bleed when she scratches at them, which is most of the time. Her feet are covered in blisters, making it painful to walk. She sleeps most of the time and has started to curl up in small places, which is difficult for a 100 lbs of dog to do. She doesn't want to play anymore and isn't her happy self. It's breaking my heart to watch her live like this.

This morning as I patted down her sores, I told Emma how much we loved her and through my tears, I saw her look up at me with gratefulness in her eyes as I explained that we were going to give her peace. She understands. I wish I could.

So here's to Emma, in her better days. We will love you and miss you always.

at the dog park with baby Cole
picking up Cole from daycare
a boy and his dog
our beautiful Emma girl
Emma loves Bunz
playing outside
such a sweetie
We'll miss you Emma. May you find peace, a truck to ride in, and plenty of kids to play with...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this :( Always a very sad thing but she will be feeling much better soon :)