Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Nature Playscape!

Last month I had all of these great ideas for a backyard nature playscape, except bills got in the way and it had to wait. It was kind of a good thing, though, because the temps shot back up to the upper 90s and it was way too hot to do anything. This week, however, is absolutely beautiful outside, so we started on our nature playscape today.

On the way to take Cole to school, I noticed a ton of freshly cut down trees in this farmer's land and left a note on his door to call me if he wanted to get rid of any of the wood. By 2:00 no one had called, so the kids and I got into the car with a mission to find anything from Home Depot that would work for our nature playscape. Just one block over, before we even left the neighborhood, there was a freshly cut down tree sitting on the curb waiting to go to recycling! Eeeeee! I pulled a U-y, popped the trunk and loaded up everything it would hold. Then after we unloaded it, we went back for a second load.

Here is what our playscape looks like after setting the log perimeter. I even found a Cole-sized stump for him to sit on. Tomorrow we add pea gravel and see how far we get.
showing Dad the work we did today
taking a picture for mom - it was really bright outside, haha

Things to do for the playscape:
  • Hit up thrift stores for silverware, dishes, pans, etc for kitchen area
  • Find a few sets of wind chimes and other musical instruments for the music tree
  •  Find a cabinet/table of some sort to put the old sink in for the kitchen area
  • Find an old king-sized sheet for the fabric tent and put it up using white rope and old fence posts to hold down the blanket from getting wind-blown
Here are some of the ideas of what Cole and I like:
a music tree
a kitchen complete with spots for silverware, pans, & dishes
Cole wants a slide, too.
And a tent. A tent is a must.

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