Monday, September 10, 2012

Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas calendar peeks!

December 2013, Samantha

Dawn is August 2013
We have the final photos for the THPM 2013 calendar! Yay!
If you like these, you definitely need to go buy a calendar at We'll take preorders while we design them and have the calendars ready to go soon... Hopefully by late October, they'll be ready to mail or put in someone's hand.

Meet the amazing ladies of the Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas 2013 calendar.

Skye is February 2013

Stephanie is January 2013

Leisha is April 2013, waiting for showers

Kendra is sweet in May 2013

Bekah is lovely in June 2013

Bio page for Stacy

Sanja is July 2013

Cover girl Kate

Azure, March 2013

Brook: November 2013

Suza: September 2013

February 2014: a group shot

January 2014: Dawn

October 2013: Lacy

I've decided not to be in the actual calendar, just a bio page about the group. I can't decide which picture of myself to use. Please leave a comment with your favorite one! Here they are...


  1. Are these the actual final shots you picked or extra shots just to show the girl/outfit/month?

    And I like the third from the top with the skirt twirling, but there's no bad choice there, hot momma!

  2. These are the final unedited shots!

    thanks, lady! <3

  3. I agree.. the third from the top in that AMAZING dress :) I also love the first of you in the red and black. It's a tough decision though. So great all the mommas got a month and are in the calender xoxo

  4. how fun is that?! Love the retro vibe! My fave pic of you is the last one of you in the green dress :)