Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tattooed Momma Q&A: Samantha

Continuing in the series of tattooed momma interviews, here is part three with Sam of Texas. A friend of a friend, she was kicked out of an amusement park because of her ink. Here's her story.

Samantha, tattooed momma of 5 (with one on the way)

I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. For me, it was about having the freedom to do what I wanted. Maybe a dash of teenage rebellion.

Being a tattooed mom for me is like being an elephant in the room. Often I get curious stares and even questions from other parents. My children are not always welcome or included. Sometimes it can be frustrating. But I feel being tattooed and a mother makes me slightly different in my parenting style in a good way.

My children are oblivious to mommy being tattooed; they know no different. They do like to show me off now that they are older. 'See how cool my mom is?' sort of thing.

Several years ago, I was the subject of a news story on MSNBC and was in Inked magazine. I was denied entry into Six Flags over Texas for my chest tattoo of revolvers and roses. An older woman working the door compared them to swastikas. Six Flags apologized because, well, the whole matter was silly; they have shooting games in the park, for crying out loud. But it was the response from the public that was the real issue. I had tons of positive responses and well just as much negative. I once had a woman stop me in a nail salon and tell me I was contributing to the moral decay of society. I had complete strangers say I shouldn't be allowed to breed, that I was trashy and should be in a side show. I was told by many women that I should be ashamed of myself as a mother. Funny enough, most of the negative was from other women. It was quite shocking for me. I wasn't aware my appearance was so reprehensible to some.

I'm pretty tattooed at this point in my life. I prefer traditional style tattoos. I have skulls, daggers, pin ups, roses, revolvers, various animals..

I have five daughters, including a set of twins (ages 12,10,6, and 8 months), with one Team Green baby on the way.

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