Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday Surprise

As a stepmother, you will rarely hear me complain about my husband's ex-wife or daughter from his previous marriage. Although Shellie has been part of my life since she was 4, we have never quite accepted each other as mother/daughter, but rather friends. It has been complicated by her going back and forth between her mom's and our house, and sometimes I feel cheated out of a connection with her.

Anyway. Today is Shellie's 11th birthday and she has been asking for months to do something alone with her dad. Being that she is only with us some weekends - social life and school obligations - the time is rare we spend with her alone, because Cole and Stella adore her and love to be with her. The mister came up with this big plan to take her to drive go-carts since she is tall enough, and she requested a sushi lunch. He was really excited until her mother called the day before to say she would be dropping off Shellie at noon and picking her up at 4 p.m. because she planned a dinner for her in Fort Worth. And she invited my husband, but not the rest of us. Um, FUCK NO.

So like every other holiday, weekend, birthday, celebration, special event... once again, K was crushed. It breaks my heart to hear Cole cry that he wants to go with Dad and Shellie and he's forced to stay home with mom instead. And you know, I would have liked a sushi lunch. I can't remember the last time we went to dinner, let alone shell out the dollars for an entire meal of sushi at at the best place in town. But that's not the point. I actually don't know if there is a point here.

I'm sure this will be one of those posts that gets me in trouble, but this is my blog and it's the way I see it, and damn it, I deserve to air my opinion. I hold my tongue a lot, and this time I can't do it.

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