Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Things Friday

This week was insane and weird. The mister left town for business last Saturday and there were three meetups scheduled with the Pirate Mommas... we missed all of them. Cole spent Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon feeding animals and playing in water with great-grandpa at the farm.

For someone who barely knew my great-grandfather, it warms my heart to see my husband's 87-year-old grandpa play with my son. Cole is obsessed with this grandpa and great-grandpa, and he lights up their lives. Grandpa Jim even taught him to say "I love you Mom" this week.. and although it came out sounding more like "I wuv you Mom" it made me burst into tears.

....And it suddenly started pouring rain outside.

So it's Friday again - already! - and I have some new stuff for you. 

Five Things You Don't Know About Me Friday
  1. Lemon poppyseed muffins are my favorite.
  2. I burn myself cooking a lot.
  3. I heart Banksy.
  4. I love the rain.
  5. Discovering little patches of wonderland in the city is my favorite.
Yesterday evening the kids were both crying, so we went for a drive after dinner.  Discovered a magical little nature park right off the highway tonight not far from our place on accident. While at a stoplight, I saw some men fishing and a few little bridges that intrigued me, so the kids and I stopped and found a dozen or more baby ducks, turtles, momma and daddy ducks, geese, a pelican, and more! It was amazing.

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