Monday, October 1, 2012



carefree by stacywill featuring an a-line skirt

This look is inspired by Jessica Noelle at Midwest Muse. I love her blog and go into withdrawals when she doesn't post, haha. She's this adorable petite girl from Ohio who loves music and dresses, much like myself (except the Ohio part.. replace that with Missouri). This is a look I love but would normally not put together because it's stripes and flowers.... but since I own similar items to both this dress and shirt, I'll be trying it out soon. :) You can see her version of this here.


  1. Aw dangit! This is way too nice! Before I read the words, I was thinking "man, this is an outfit I would absolutely love to wear!" It's way cuter than my version, but an easy go to. Stripes & floral always look good together.