Friday, October 26, 2012

365: Day 6

Hi everyone who's reading! Since I'll be busy tomorrow preparing for our Halloween party, I thought I'd post tomorrow's outfit today. Tonight is full of writing catch-up while my hubster takes the boy to get the big sister from her mother's house, a four-hour round trip. The boy insists he go every time. They always get back really late so it's a great time to catch up on work after my girl goes to sleep around 7:30.

365: Day 6
My friend Bre is coming over in the morning so we can finish the graves we have been making for the party. Here's a picture:
 In other news, we have to get an affidavit from the state of Texas, notorized, stating we delay or deny some vaccinations so he can remain in his speech preschool class. I knew this would be address sometime, but it was exactly one day after his 4th birthday that the nurse presented me with this information. So my hubs, the paralegal/notary part, is going to work out the legal jargon so we can do that.

Here are a few pictures of us the last few days:
the beginning of our music tree

Stella making some noise

silly pics with the boy

he insisted on silly faces

Cole admiring his new dog Zeus

taking Zeus for a ride


car pic

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