Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"See Me."

Lately my son has started shouting "See me!" when he wants me to look at him. It's usually hollered while he's couch-jumping and I'm wrestling silverware from Stella, but it means "I want attention, Mom."

It reminds me a lot of myself, and it's a part of me that I wish he didn't have. Most of my life I felt out of place and invisible, as if people weren't really seeing me. In fact, my password to all of my online accounts in high school was doyouseeme. As Cole gets older, I see a lot of myself in him that makes me hurt for him. I spent - and still do - spend a lot of time inside my head, a very empathetic, social-emotional person who can't help but take a lot of time thinking. I really hope he doesn't spend his life feeling the same way I did at times: invisible. This momma promises to make him confident enough in himself that he never feels unimportant or alone or invisible.

I see you, buddy. I see you. I'll always see you.


  1. It's awesome that he has a momma who understands these things about his personality, he will be able to rise above those things. He already is one step felt as nobody "saw you"...and he already has someone who understands him and sees him....his wonderful Momma......lucky little boy, I'd say!!!!!

  2. I would wager that a lot of us felt that same way at some point during those awkward adolescent years. Yay for your family that you are trying to change the world by loving your boy! I'm excited to see what he does with his confidence and the unfailing support from the bleachers.

  3. Wow. Were you in MY head when you wrote this?! :)