Friday, April 13, 2012

My kids are smart. Phew.

Cole's evaluation went extremely well this morning. He is off-the-charts smart on everything but his speech/articulation, so we will move forward to work on that. He doesn't pronounce the end of any word and is missing syllables in the middle of words. He also needs to be re-tested for his hearing. He hated the headphones he had to wear to listen to the words and point to the picture, so he gave up halfway through. He pointed to all of the pictures when listening with the headphones on his right ear, however, so they want to test him for hearing in his left ear.

Stella impressed everyone, too, with her block stacking and motor skills. Kevin said the women's eyes' lit up watching her do everything Cole did even though she is only 16 months old.

The next step is meeting with a speech therapist and speech pathologist in two weeks, where they will teach me some exercises to work with him at home on. Since the school district lets out in the summer, we'll have to pick up real speech therapy with an actual speech therapist in late August when school starts again.

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