Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THPM actual calendar photos!

I've been saving my favorite photos for the calendar but since you guys reading this will probably want to buy one, here are the actual photos that will be in the calendar. The moms will be surprised too, since they don't know yet either!

So here are our 'scandalous' and 'provocative' pictures.


  1. Love what you girls are doing. I really wish that a group like this had been around when my first kiddo was younger!

  2. It's incomprehensible to me why anyone would refuse a donation from you based on these photos. Seriously. WT????

  3. There is a charity I would love to introduce you to. I don't have permission to mention their name here, but they would really appreciate your support. Is there some way I can contact you directly?

  4. Oh SO scandalous!, maybe we can all work together sometime for the common good of helping others, with our highly SCANDALOUS and PROVOCATIVE ways!! :) Keep it up, ladies!

    1. Checked out your website and we would love to work with you! Shoot me an email. :)

  5. Hmmmmmm - the highly conservatives are at it again.