Thursday, November 14, 2013

One woman

I am only one woman
I can't stand on a pedestal to speak for all the mothers
of the world while the hypocritical listen
I can't speak for the renegade women
who want their own voices
to be heard
They don't need my permission to let their freak flags fly
They are powerful, educated
strong willed and opinionated
I cannot speak for all of those who call me their fearless leader
For i am only a captain
with my crew
And this ship won't sail
without all of these pirates
behind me
I am but one
On a mission
In a movement
To stand up and speak
Let our voices be heard
Stand up for intolerance and ignorance
To tell the world
we are great mothers
That our tattoos are not signs of a bad role model
But instead a part of our souls
And raising children to be accepting of intolerance does nothing for this world
That our children will soon run
We'll have a tattooed president
Just ask my son
Because we are a mighty force of 700 strong
And all of our voices
Stand back and watch us as we take over
For we are teaching our kids kindness in a world where people aren't always kind
And humanity should be ashamed of itself most of the time
When most people are hiding
We are not afraid
So many different faces
Yet our journey is the same.

(Rough draft)
Written by stacy willingham
Not for reproduction outside of this blog


  1. You and your fabulous friends are awesome! The next time a charity doesn't want to benefit from your efforts, holler. Single Moms Care & Support of Irving would LOVE your support! =-) God bless!
    Heather Newell - Founder -

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