Friday, October 10, 2014

The Kids Are in School, and Mom is.... Bored.

It's only been six weeks since my son started kindergarten, and seven since my daughter started preschool. This was both of their first times to attend any type of school at all, with the small exception of my son's twice-weekly hour-long speech phonology lessons over the past two years. Going from four students to a room of 22 unruly, talkative, wild boys and sweet, loving girls full of hugs brought my poor introverted, shy boy to tears.

The first few weeks were really difficult, leaving the boy in tears in his classroom. My heart ached all day and I watched the clock for 10:30, when the teacher had her free period and would call if anything was wrong. There were a few calls, but mostly just me being a protective mom, and now the phone is silent. Each day when he gets in the car at pick-up time, his smile radiates a newfound confidence that makes me so incredibly proud.

Of course, the girl is excelling and doing stellar in private preschool. She is independent, fierce, strong minded.. the exact opposite of her brother. They are polar opposites and best friends just like their daddy and me.

I never thought I'd miss them so much after five years at home with them. The silence only emphasizes their absence. 3:00 is now like Christmas morning.

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