Monday, December 9, 2013

Peace & Quiet (as much as i can get)

The dust from the media storm has settled. It has been at least two weeks since a reporter has requested an interview.

The stories didn't portray us honestly and they played up the controversy of the charity denying our money because we chose to earn it through a calendar that made us feel beautiful and empowered.

Thing is, those "scandalous" calendars are still at the printer, delayed by the ice storm. There aren't any proceeds right now to give; we don't even have the actual document in our hands.

As a journalist for 15 years, I'm disgusted that reporters write stories without speaking to the source. And maybe shocked to be backed into a wall on the other side, threatened to speak my side or use the THPM page as quotes.

This blog was made at the time the original group formed, but it does not convey a message from 700 women across the US and London. It is but one tattooed hippie pirate momma: this one. Stacy. The original tattooed hippie pirate momma.

Soon Inside Edition will air our story and the phone will start to ring again. I'm ready for positive press.

This mom group turned movement is about to become an actual business. Exciting ventures lie ahead.

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