Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How THPM Came to Be

Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas was founded in July 2011 when my daughter Stella was 7 months old. The mom groups i joined trying to meet other mothers was a disappointing and discouraging experience, so i went online to and started my own. In the description was, "For out-of-the-box unconventional renegade moms who aren't afraid to speak their minds and be themselves."

After a year or so I started the THPM facebook group for moms from all over, not just in the Dallas area, to come together. As more women found a safe place to be open where their children were involved too, the group became larger. My friends started asking to run groups in their own cities.

My friend and fellow hippie pirate mom Chrissy helped launch our second branch in San Antonio. She is the organizer of that branch. Their group is about 50 members strong and just celebrated one year together.

Colorado came about 6 months after San Antonio kicked off, when SA member Tauri relocated to Denver. A few months later, my good friend and co-organizer for the Dallas group also moved to Colorado Springs, so the two formed a north and south Denver branch. It helped to have Texas girl Shannan in the area since she originally started with the Dallas group. Each of them stayed true to the THPM vision.

Next came Austin, organized by my friends Danielle and Cassie.
Danielle moved to her home state of New York in summer 2013 and we started the NY branch last week.
In between that time, I kicked off a THPM branch in Missouri, Corpus Christi, and California.

After the story on Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas ran in Daily Mail Online last week, i teamed up with amazing women to form branches in Florida,  Wyoming, and the DC metro area. Oh, and London -- the branch there is just a baby and will need to take time to grow.

Who would have known a search for moms would turn into a worldwide movement?  Definitely not me.


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