Saturday, March 16, 2013

House Woes

The past few weeks we have been packing and rushing to sell our house. The market is hot and houses in our neighborhood are going for more than their value, so we thought surely this is the time to sell. The first realtor we hired was a complete c*nt and blew smoke up our asses about how the house looked great and she could sell it in 30 days or less and have us in a new place quickly with no problems. After my husband prompted me to call the realtor that sold us our house, we quickly decided to go with them instead, because we trust them.
So they came out Friday and we're excited that they're going to tell us our house is worth X amount of dollars and we can list it for what we want plus more. EHHH. Wrong. We have to have a new roof put on and possibly a new AC installed before we can sell our house. So we're looking at putting a ton of money into our place before we can get out, two to three months. Sad face and lots of tears fell after they left.
Not only did the carpet guy flake to install the carpet on our stairs last week, but the lawn guy also failed to come by to mow and trim the hedges like agreed. So it looks like we'll be doing some more looking, and then waiting. And waiting.

In the meantime, here's what is happening around here lately:

My dad came to lay floors and Cole helped
Cole's room without carpet
the team helping out
Bre pulling up carpet strips

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